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Posted by Skye Higgs on

My daughter Willow has a soft toy bunny, called …. Bunny. In fact, I bought Bunny for her while expecting. It is the first thing I ever bought her. I think every other child must also have a bunny that looks the same but no, not true – and that is the whole message of my story: THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! I remember being told pre-children that it’s important to get a duplicate of the favourite soft toy, in case of washing or loss, as it will save drama and heartache – and the child will be none the...

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Easy choc-free Easter DIY gift

Posted by Alicia Nash on

This is the easiest DIY mummy project you will find and easily rivals any of the latest gorgeous Easter bits on Pinterest! I couldn't resist when I saw the cutest little jar with a bunny on top at Woolworths last night - in the Easter section ($7), when I popped in for a quick milk shop (ok and maybe chocolate).  So I decided to turn it into a gorgeous little chocolate-free Easter gift - that was super easy. I grabbed a can of gold spray paint (for plastic/metal) - the one I found was about $3.50 at Bunnings. I Just...

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